DTOceanPlus documentation

This documentation describes DTOceanPlus; the software that has been developed as part of the EU-funded DTOceanPlus project.

DTOceanPlus is an open-source suite of modular design tools for the selection, development, deployment, and assessment of ocean energy systems. The aim of the software is to accelerate the commercialisation of the Ocean Energy sector, focusing on wave and tidal-stream devices. The tools will support the entire technology innovation and advancement process from concept, through development, to deployment, and will be applicable at a range of technology levels: sub-system, device, and array.


The DTOceanPlus tools are still in development, and some functionalities have not been fully tested. This documentation is also a work in progress; please make suggestions for other areas to be covered.

Introduction to DTOceanPlus

DTOceanPlus is the next iteration in the development of open-source design tools for the ocean energy sector. Building on the original DTOcean code, DTOceanPlus to provides a set of new and improved tools with a wider scope and greatly expanded functionalities.

The DTOceanPlus project included additional documentation and testing of the code and tools, including demonstration with real projects of the industrial partners in the consortium.

The tools are freely available to use and extend under an open-source licence, so anyone can now contribute to further test and improve them. Many of the DTOceanPlus project partners have plans for future development and use of the tools.

There is scope for new functionalities to be added, and for further testing and refinement of existing code. This is part of an ongoing improvement process to develop a valuable resource for the whole sector to use.

The DTOceanPlus tools are run using Docker containers, and are accessed via a web-browser interface.

The documentation first covers the overall suite of tools. The individual tools or modules are summarised in the next section of this page.

For new and prospective users of the tools please refer to the following pages:

There are tutorials and how to guides covering installing the tools on Windows 10 or Linux/macOS, then Getting started with DTOceanPlus using the Main Module interface and using the Catalogue Module to access and manage component data, etc. Use of the individual tools is covered in their documentation below.

Development of the DTOceanPlus is ongoing, with the history covered in Development of the DTOceanPlus suite of tools.

Modules within the suite of tools

The DTOceanPlus suite of tools are licensed under the open-source GNU Affero General Public License v3.0.