Overall DTOceanPlus documentation

This is the documentation for the overall DTOceanPlus suite of design tools. More detailed documentation of the individual modules within the suite is avalable via the menu on the left, or linked on the documentation index.

Introduction to the software


Step-by-step instructions on using DTOceanPlus for new users. It is suggested to follow these tutorials in order.

I. Showcasing features of the DTOceanPlus suite of tools

  1. Use the Deployment Design tools to design an optimal array layout

  2. Use the Assessment Design tools to assess device/array metrics

  3. Use the Stage Gate Tool to assess technology development

  4. Use the Structured Innovation Tools

See also the recorded training material on the DTOceanPlus website

II. Installing the DTOceanPlus suite of tools

For installation on a company intranet server, please see the README in the installation repository

III. Using the DTOceanPlus suite of tools

Main Module (the main entry point to the tools, for managing projects and studies)

  1. Manage users

  2. Create Project & Studies

  3. Fork & Compare Studies

  4. Export project information using the Digital Representation

Catalog Module (for managing components and reference data)

  1. Browse Catalogs

  2. Edit Catalogs

Use of the other tools is described in the relevant section of the documentation (see left menu).

How-to guides

There are a series of how-to guides that show how to achieve specific outcomes using DTOceanPlus.

Background on the overall suite of tools

API Reference

The API reference section documents the code of the Main Module classes, API, and GUI for software development.


Still to be written. Should also cover the Catalogues and Digital Representation.