Station Keeping


The Station Keeping module (SK) aims to design the mooring and foundation subsystems for various technology choices of wave or tidal devices on different kind of seabed.


This module’s documentation is divided into four main sections :


The main purpose of the Station Keeping module is to design and assess the mooring system, anchors and foundations of the devices and substation including (see figure below) :

  • Mooring lines for floating structure (design, ULS analysis and FLS analysis)

  • Anchors (design and ULS analysis)

  • Foundation for fixed structure (design and ULS analysis)

The design is based on user choices and inputs, design parameters from other modules, and a catalogue of typical line types and anchors.


Scope of the Station Keeping module

The main outputs are the assessment of the mooring system, foundation and anchor design, the total cost and bill of materials for the components used, a hierarchy of how they are connected.

The module can either be run in simplified, medium or advanced mode (complexity level 1, 2, or 3). The level of details of inputs increases with the level of complexity. For example, at low levels of complexity (1 and 2), it is proposed to the user to let the SK module automatically define suitable dimensions of the mooring system, anchors and foundations.

Workflow for using the SK module

The workflow for using the Station Keeping module can be summarised as 1) provide inputs, 2) run the design analysis, and 3) view the results, as shown in the figure below.


Overview of SK data requirements

This section summarises the types of input data required to run the Station Keeping module.

The required inputs to run the module are summarised in the next table. Note that in integrated mode, these all come from other modules except for the mooring, anchor and foundation properties.

Table 81 summary of the required inputs.

Full complexity

Site characteristics

Sea state statistics
Wind statistics
Current statistics

Device characteristics

Main dimensions
Hydrostatic data
Hydrodynamic data
If tidal, rotor characteristics

Array characteristics

Layout of devices

Mooring system properties

Mooring lines properties
Mooring lines layout

Foundation / anchors

Foundation / anchor type
Foundation / anchor main dimensions